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Models That Are 'Too Beautiful' To Find Love Are Uniting To Cry After Dating Apps Delete Their Profiles

NY Post- Sometimes when you’re this hot — you’re just gonna get burned.

A growing number of models and social media influencers claim they are being penalized for being “too beautiful,” resulting in them repeatedly getting rejected from dating apps amid accusations of catfishing and “intimidating dates.”

While most people want to put their best faces forward, this pack of beauties claims that is exactly what’s keeping them from landing lovers.

Tahlia Paris, a 24-year-old Playboy model, claims Bumble removed her profile — despite her protestations that her photos didn’t break guidelines.

ALRIGHT! I gotta say New York Post this really does not seem like these models are "uniting to cry" over this rather than all of them unjustly being treated on social media because they're simply too hot. It seems like this disappointing phenomena is happening with a lot of gorgeous ladies nowadays as I've happened to write basically this SAME EXACT blog a few months ago when a Playboy Model said she was hot to find love as well.

Though this article took it to the next step as multiple ladies were claiming dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge were deleting their profiles/photos because they thought they were fake. 

“I was on the app for not even a few hours because pictures I tried posting to my profile were removed even though they were normal photos,” the California-based model, who also works as a DJ, told Jam Press.

She alleges the app removed her pictures because she’s “too beautiful.”

As a dude that's lucky to get one (1) Bumble match once every few weeks I think this is disgusting behavior by these dating apps. if the girls wanna be on there please let 'em stay on there and, frankly, when you're a guy like me just out there grinding for matches who cares if the pictures are fake? EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE NOT!

 Tinder, Bumble and Hinge have banned Haf from the platforms because her photos look fake, she claimed. The Post has reached out to the apps for comment.

“I had problems with a couple of my pictures so I’d just replace them with others,” Haf said to Jam Press.

She said she was first booted from Tinder in September 2020, then again in December 2021 after regaining her account. She was also removed from Bumble in 2020 and Hinge in March 2021.

So my heart goes out to this beautiful ladies as we are all on the never ending search to find that crazy little thing called love. Truly disgusting that the man is silencing them here. Hot girls deserve love too!