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MLB's #1 Prospect Bobby Witt Jr. Has Made The Royals Opening Day Roster

Somebody's ass was going to get fired if this guy didn't make the Opening Day roster. Bobby Witt Jr. is going to be a dangerous baseball player at the major league level and not just dangerous in the future. He's going to be dangerous right away. I don't think baseball's top prospect will go through much of a learning curve at the Major league level. I guess that the Royals are going to put him at the top of that lineup from day one, and I think he's going to succeed. He's one of those rare prospects that only comes along once in a blue moon. It's a bit ironic for the Royals, who won back-to-back American League Pennants in 2014 and 2015, including the World Series title in 2015, never had a prospect with this much upside. And it's not like the Royals were slumming it either. Players like Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas were key prospects who ended up bringing a championship to Kansas City for the first time in 30 years, but none of them had a ceiling like this guy. In Spring, Witt's been tearing it up to the tune of a .406 batting average and an OPS of 1.223. And whether it's at his natural position at shortstop or at third base, he's proven to be a plus defender as well.

The American League Central is now absolutely loaded with shortstops. Carlos Correa, Tim Anderson, Javier Baez already made this arguably the most stacked shortstop division in baseball, and now you can add Bobby Witt Jr. to that mix, and while he doesn't have the track record that the other three do, he's going to be putting up big-time numbers at the major-league level here real soon. I still have many questions about the Royals pitching staff, their lineup will have some boppers, including last year's home run king and Tigers killer Salvador Perez. Being in a lineup against a guy like that should only help future Witt's development. I hope he succeeds, just not against my Tigers.