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I Won Our Movie Concession Draft On The Back Of Baked Beans

You might look at this draft and think it is impossible to win without popcorn, but I'll tell you why I took this one. 

#1. Fountain Soda: The #1 food/bev associated with the movies is popcorn without a doubt. #2? Soda. There ain't a combo in a theater that involves popcorn and candy that doesn't involve a soda. It quenches the thirst that the salty-ass popcorn gives you! And with the most impressive machine in the history, the coke freestyle machine, you can have literally anything you want!

#2. Smuggled in food: There is almost no greater feeling than going to a convenience store, buying a bunch of fairly priced snacks and sneaking it into the theaters. It makes you feel like a badass criminal for breaking the law even though the 17 year old ushers couldn't give 2 fucks if you brought in a 12 course meal right in their face. 

#3 & #4. Cookie Dough Bites & M&M's: These two are elite in the world of movie theater candy concessions. I don't know if they even sell cookie dough bites outside of movie theaters and M&Ms are a great add to popcorn in addition to being obviously great on their own. 

#5. The one and only Bavarian Legend: I absolutely had to pick AMC's 20lbs pretzel. When you look it up on google, I am literally the first result.