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Lisa Kudrow Mentioned A New Cast Taking Over 'Friends' And Let's Not Do That

AV Club- As TV’s endless obsession with rebooting its past has only picked up steam in recent years—sweeping up your Wills and Graces, your Murphys Brown, your Gossip Girls, and god knows who else in the process—one franchise has consistently defied efforts at a necromantic restoration: Friends. Sure, the show’s cast deigned to come back together for a reunion special last year on HBO Max, reminiscing about the good times. But they’ve also decidedly declined to dip back into the lives of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross in any kind of narrative sense.

And will probably continue to do so, per a recent interview Where Is The Buzz? conducted with series star Lisa Kudrow. Kudrow—who most recently co-starred on the second season of Netflix’s Space Force, and who has had one of the most creatively interesting post-Friends careers out of all her comrades—was pleasantly blunt about chances of a revival: “I don’t think there’s going to be a Friends reboot. I mean, not with any of us in it.”

But Kudrow is totally down for other people tackling this particular brief. “I would love to see the now-version of that,” she says, even as she is extraordinarily careful to reiterate, that she, Lisa Kudrow, would not want to be in it.

We REALLY gotta stop all these goddamn remakes and what not in the year 2022. I get sometimes it can be cool with maybe like something like Better Call Saul or Sex in the City, but at the very least those have some if not all the characters from their original show to grace the screens currently. If I'm sitting here thinking about shows that are so beyond iconic like Seinfeld and Friends doing remakes without the original cast it's simply unimaginable. I can't have a random dude trying to be Kramer or even worse some sort of young Kramer? You can't recreate the magic of Joey & Chandler with randoms. And then you'd have to find new Elaines? New Monicas? New Rachels? No one and I mean NO ONE can replace Aniston.

I also feel like we should be at the time in our lives where we just stop asking the cast of Friends about some sort of remake or reunion every single time they step into public. They've done the fake HBO reunion already. Clearly nothing else is going to happen. Let them be. If I ever become President I'm putting that on my ticket- No more annoying poor David Schwimmer and co about a Friends remake.