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Stu Feiner Gave Me a Private Tour of His Sports Memorabilia Collection

You've seen the videos of Stu Feiner at his Long Island home. He's usually showing off his 3rd breakfast with a 6th cup of French Roast coffee, yelling in front of his TV's about promises made and delivered, or running full speed down his entire backyard just to show you what your girl is missing. He's a wild and crazy sweetheart of a man.

I visited Stu last week and got a private tour of his home office. This is where Stu and his sons work on the family business. It's full of sports memorabilia and amazing stories.

The stories behind these pieces are just as important as the items that carry them. Stu tells us that his grandfather, on his mothers side, was a maitre d' (pronounced may-truh-dee) at Toots Shor back in the 40's and 50's. As maitre d', he was the host of the dining room, overseeing the servers and seating the guests. This position meant he had access to everyone that came in the restaurant including Presidents, Athletes, Movie Stars, and even Mafia. Stu told me his grandfather wasn't just the OG Source, but was also the nicest guy in the world.

I had never heard of Toots Shor, but Stu said it was the most famous sports bar in the world, so I had to look it up. I googled "Toot's Shore" and Stu was not exaggerating. This place is exactly what I imagine when I think 1940's New York City night life.

Thanks to Stu Feiner for showing off his collection and sharing his stories.