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Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian Got Married In Vegas Secretly In The Middle Of The Night After The Grammys

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker took full advantage of being in Sin City for the Grammys ... having a wedding ceremony in the middle of the night at a wedding chapel ... i.e., they're married!!!

Kourtney and Travis walked in around 1:30 AM Monday ... only hours after he performed live at the Grammys. We're told the two didn't allow the venue to take any photos, bringing their own photographer and security instead.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ... they had a marriage license and presented it to the chapel's owner, who was also a witness.

I cannot believe not ONE of us pop culture internet leeches didn't predict this happening. TRAVIS? KOURTNEY? VEGAS? GRAMMYS? Fucking DUH they were going to use this opportunity to get married. This isn't the same old Kourtney who worries about small details and whether or not her entire enormous family is around for the wedding. This is NEW Kourt, punk rock Kourt, who flies by the seat of her pants and lets her heart lead her tongue right down Travis' throat, even at the altar. 

Good for them. Maybe now we can get a little reprieve on the CONSTANT footage/coverage of these two? I like watching celebrity PDA as much as the next gal, but I've seen just as much as I can of their never ending honeymoon phase. Now that we're actually ENTERING the honeymoon phase, what is going to happen? Lets not forget that we have the Kardashian Hulu show premiering in a week or so, and they've let us know that the filming is "more current" than previously on E!...sounds like if they brought their own camera people we'll get to see some of it.


We're told it was important to them that an Elvis impersonator officiate the wedding ... so Elvis pronounced them man and wife.

Our sources say this will not be the only ceremony to mark the couple's commitment. We're told there will be "several' other celebrations, with lots of fanfare.

Ahhh of course AGAIN! Of COURSE this won't be the only wedding celebration. And of course there was an Elvis impersonator officiating. These wacky kids. 

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