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Johnny Gaudreau Is Here To Make Hockey Violent Again

We saw over the weekend with Jay Beagle almost punching Troy Terry's eye out of his socket that it's a tough time to be a skill guy in the NHL. Guys are sick and tired of getting toyed with, and if you don't have a tough guy on your team to stick up for the skill guys then it's open season. Somehow the Anaheim Ducks totally miscalculated that one when they sent Nicolas Deslauriers packing to Minnesota. 

But the moral of the story is that as much as moves like The Michigan have been taking over the sport and hockey has become more and more skilled, it's still a game where violence reigns supreme. And you need to have a bad mama jamma on your roster if you want to have any chance of survival, especially as the boys make the final playoff pushes. You need an absolute savage out there who isn't afraid to dabble in a little bit of kick assery. A guy who beats the shit out of people first and asks questions later. I'm talking about someone like Johnny Gaudreau. 

Is Johnny Hockey gonna have to choke a bitch?

Pretty certain he killed a man. But that's just another day in the office for the biggest goon in hockey. You want to start going after skill guys out there? Do so at your own discretion. Because if you come after Johnny Hockey, your friends and family are going to have to start planning your funeral. 

2 goals, an assist, and a murder. That's the South Jersey Hatty. 

He's going to look so good making $10M in an orange jersey next season.