Of Course The Title Game Had Some Sort Of Controversy And It's All Thanks To This Video Claiming The Floor Caused Bacot's Injury

It's not exactly a secret that the biggest story of the last minute was Bacot rolling his ankle on this play. It would have given UNC a 1 point lead with like 48 seconds to go. Instead he rolls his ankle, can't play the last minute, UNC is forced to go small and Kansas immediately pounds the ball to McCormack in the post to go up 3. Dagger. 

But since it's a title game injury we had to have some sort of controversy. This time it's whether or not a loose floorboard or faulty floorboard caused the injury. It looks weird, but apparently the court is designed that way. There is supposed to be some give to help knees. But it looks weird for sure. It also doesn't help that Bacot might have the strongest legs in the country so if there's one person to really challenge that it's him. 

And of course it led to arguing because people see this and have to feel one way or another. Shit you can just scroll through the replies to that one tweet. Basically you have people saying what Rico's best friend and one time Dozen contestant is saying here: 

Which is true. Watching in slow-mo does lead to weird looks. That's not even just this play, that's just in general. But then at the same time, this is basically the same spot that Manek fell on the last play and where Caleb Love rolled his ankle. Then you have a guy from SI who was on the court saying this. 

I happen to think it's more of a mere coincidence where the injuries were. But I will note it is weird that everyone playing on that side of the court sucked. Also it just annoys me that games are held in football stadiums because any time something happens with a court it's some sort of controversy. I know the NCAA won't do it because they love money more than you love anything. But I just wish the games were played in basketball arenas. It's a basketball game, play it there. 

My final ruling: it wasn't the floor. He slipped on a bum ankle already while playing 38 minutes on one day rest. Stop injuries in title games and bad refs. That's all I want. It's a simple life.