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A Completely Normal World Cup - All Eight Stadiums Had MASSIVE Air Conditioners Installed Because Qatar Is Too Damn Hot

Ah yes, remind me why Qatar is hosting the World Cup again? Ohhh that's right. FIFA is the most corrupt organization in the world and money. All I keep thinking about is how goddamn stupid it is to host this event in Qatar. Not only is it in Qatar, but it's in November. That's smart. That's a good way to capitalize on the sport and have it played during a completely different time of the year. If you have to install these airplane engine looking A/C units while playing it in the Qatar winter, your country doesn't deserve to host shit. Spare me the whole 'world's sport' thing too. Just host it where it makes sense. Host it in places that are already set up so you don't have a million problems like Qatar is having. 

Good news for us is at least we'll easily get to the watch our boys over there. It sounds like every US game will be on at 3pm Eastern. I wouldn't hate a little 9am bar day for a watch party but 3pm works too. It is going to be weird watching the US play leading into the Maui Invitational but I am looking forward to basically 20 hours straight of sports every single day. 

Meanwhile we'll get some action leading up to it. 

It's better than nothing, but still. Give me the World Cup in the summer. Give me a healthy McKennie, Dest, Pulisic, Reyna, Musah, Adams and the rest of the group. Give me a win over England. Give me a run to set up all the expectations for 2026 when we have the World Cup on our home soil.