All The Awesome Scenes From Mass Street In Lawrence Last Night Highlighted By A Dude Crowd Surfing In A Shopping Cart

Very few things better than seeing the scenes from a campus area during a title game. Most college towns are just that. The college and that's it. Then you get 100,000 people showing up for a title game and mayhem happens. It's beautiful to watch. Lawrence didn't disappoint last night either. Here were all the scenes right as the game ended and towards the end of the game. 

This dude was just waiting to take his shirt off. It's like the slow clap guy in Not Another Teen Movie. Just waiting for the right moment and that happened to be right at 0.0. 

I'll go ahead and say it. This looks like too many people. That's just the old in me though. 

And then we got our moment. The man in the shopping cart. 

Dude made such a scene that even the Lawrence PD chimed in

Not even sure how you decide to get into a shopping cart but I love the move. Sure it's dangerous, but I'd rather take the risk of getting dumped out of that than people touching me and dropping me that way. All I know is if the school is tweeting this out, you don't have to go to class today.

No one is showing up, professors included. Just add a hangover day for everyone. We need that. You get your normal PTO and sick time, but you also get let's say 3 hangover days a year. The entire country should shut down on hangover days, but school's should be number 1 here. 

Either way, these videos are always the best. A relatively tame night in Lawrence when it's a title though.