The Will Smith Effect: 15 Year Old Tennis Player Slaps His Opponent In The Face At The Net After Losing Match - Leads to a Mini-Brawl

We had ourselves quite the moment in a juniors tournament yesterday with the loser of a match congratulating the winner before slapping the guy right in the face. Who said tennis wasn't a contact sport?!

Going with the misdirection slap is such a bitch move there. With one hand you reach out for the "good game" gesture and just when he least expects it you hit him with the left handed slap to the face. You see what you've done Will Smith? This is all your fault. 

An unexpected slap to the face like that is such a bitch move, but even worse is going with the two hands up in the air apologizing 0.00000000001 seconds later. I mean what are we doing here? You deserve to get your ass beat if you pull such a cowardly move. 

That prompted this mini-brawl...

First of all I'm furious that second video is so short. I looked under every rock and stone for a longer video to no avail, I'm sorry. How did we hit stop three seconds in like that? That honestly might be even more egregious than the slap itself. Completely unacceptable. 

Looked like someone came from behind on one of the players and hit them on the head. Over to the right we had two guys in a struggle against one another. Felt like we were getting a chair throw at some point in there and I love myself a good chair throw. We'll never know sadly unless a hero emerges with a longer video. Little chaos at a juniors tournament for your Tuesday entertainment.