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FIRE IT UP - One Shining Moment 2022

Gets me every single year. Chills every time I hear this song. I don't need to hear any takes about whether it's a good song or not. It's a great song for me. This is a wrap on another Tournament. Now sure, we can discuss how good the Tournament was. We didn't have a buzzer beater. But we had moments. Obviously (unfortunately for me) Saint Peter's. The UNC/Duke Final Four game. The Kansas run. Some upsets in the first round too. But it doesn't matter, this is what the NCAA Tournament is about. You play 6 games and play the song. 

Play it on loop because we have 7 long months until we have college hoops back in our lives. Shout out everyone who listened to Bench Mob, interacted on the blog, Twitter, etc the entire year. Can't wait to run it back.