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Charles Barkley Handled Kansas Winning Correctly - Danced His Ass Directly Over To Kenny Smith And Taunted Him Right To His Face

Who knew Charles Barkley fucking loved the YMCA. This isn't the first time at the Final Four that Chuck was shaking his ass up there. 

We also know who Charles Barkley had in last night's game. 

I said it before, but this is Chuck being a good friend. You know you're close with someone when you can taunt them during misery. Look at the scoreboard. It's 65-61 Kansas at the time. UNC had blown the big lead already. It felt like UNC was cooked at this point. Chuck shimmying his way over and sticking his face in Kenny's grill like a kid does is hilarious. These are grown men who played in the NBA. Chuck is one of the 50 best basketball players in the history of the sport. But at the end of the day they are just dudes. I can appreciate that. 

If you can't chuckle at Chuck tapping Kenny on the shoulder for attention as Kenny just tries to hide, you got a big old dump in your pants. That's perfect Chuck. Actually perfect Chuck was not getting the cover. But either way, I know people get pissed that these NBA guys are on the studio call for the Tournament, but if we get stuff like this it's all worth it.