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Only Mark Emmert Could Screw Up A Simple Thing And Make A Trophy Presentation With Him And Bill Self Even More Awkward

Any time Bill Self and Mark Emmert share the stage it's going to be, well, awkward. I mean Kansas is currently under investigation for the whole Adidas and FBI scandal. Kansas hasn't exactly played nice with the NCAA during it either. Remember Midnight Madness a couple years ago? 

Or this little video

It all stems back from here

Now you have these two on stage together and Mark Emmert does Mark Emmert things. He fucks up. Kansas City Jayhawks? I mean sure, hey, we've all said a word we shouldn't have at a time. But you're presenting the trophy to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. They are a blueblood program. They are one of the 5 most known programs in the entire sport. They've never once been the Kansas City Jayhawks. They aren't even located in Kansas City. I'm not sure how Mark Emmert fucks that up, but he does. 

There's a good chance Mark Emmert has no idea about any of this too. Fucking Emmert.