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Puff Johnson - Yes, Puff Johnson - Having His Best Game Of The Year Just Started Throwing Up On The Court

Lost in all the great names tonight is Puff Johnson. Mostly because he's known as Cam Johnson's younger brother and comes off the bench for UNC. We also know that Hubert Davis doesn't really use his bench. But Puff is a large reason why UNC is even in this game. Kansas was ready to blow this open in the second half and Puff just kept answering. He's got 11 points as the only sub that's played for UNC. Shit it's only the 3rd time all year he's scored double digits. Now he's getting blows to the stomach - according to CBS - and starts yakking on the court. You don't see that often. Rare to see the true athlete throw up during a play. 

Speaking of names, we have Raft delivering perfect calls because of Remy Martin. 

I know Puff was trying to catch his breath but I'm shocked he let them take him out of the game. You know you're in for a hell of a finish when guys are out here throwing up. Sure fire way to guarantee craziness late.