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Conspiracy Theory: Armando Bacot Sets An NCAA Tournament Record In The First Half, Sandbagged Everyone About His Ankle Injury

I'm not saying Armando Bacot faked his ankle injury. That would be dumb. I'm saying maybe Armando Bacot just let everyone in the world think he was walking around with it barely hanging on because he's beating the everliving shit out of Kansas. 

It's actually kind of crazy that someone like Horford or Noah or Davis or any long list of great bigs that played for a title didn't do this. As much as I don't want to see UNC succeed, it's impossible not to see what Bacot did to his game. He was always a rebounder but now he's hitting 15-footers and finishing with nice moves. Never in a million years did I expect him to be *this * complete of a player and this consistent of a player. 

Seriously, Bill Self needs to explain how the hell you sit McCormack with two fouls in that half. Don't foul out your one decent rebounder when Bacot is just beating the hell out of anyone else. Either that or commit to small ball fast. You need help because Jalen Wilson forgot how to make a layup. Leaky Black has Ochai Agbaji in hell defensively. 

But I'm onto this ankle injury. Bacot looks *too* good.