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Just A Hunch Based On This In-Game Interview: Hubert Davis Is Fired Up About UNC's Start In The Title Game

I mostly wanted this on the blog because Hubert Davis went full Howard Dean during this interview. It was impressive really, mostly because 'It's Live Action' is about to make a million dollars in t-shirt sales. You don't deliver a line like that and not have it turned into a t-shirt - especially if Carolina wins. I also take back every bad thing I ever said about coach interviews during timeouts. I no longer find them stupid. I think every interview should just be Hubert Davis though because this is just who Hubert Davis is. There's nothing fake here. He's always animated and just ... happy. That's the only way to describe him. Also helps when your team responds to Kansas jumping up 7-0. Slightly different game since then, you know with it being a 10 point UNC lead now. Little tip to Kansas: stop having Remy Martin shoot and hit the glass.