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This Video Of A Guy Chasing His Wife With A Lobster Every Year For 9 Years Straight Is The Most Delightful Video You Will Watch Today

Little fun fact about your pal Clem, I'm a sucker for family time lapse videos. Usually they involve watching a kid grow up from a newborn to a high school graduate over like 20 minutes because their parents took a picture of them EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES, which is as adorable as it is crazy. 

But this video hits all those same notes without the psychotic part because it allows us a sneak peak at an everyday American family as they travel on the Walk of Life, which is a delightful jam by Dire Straits. Not only do we see a couple of young kids trying to make it in this crazy world, we see their actual young kids grow up right in front of our eyes because once the calendar turned to March in the house, Dad was about to scare Mom with a living cockroach from the sea as her fight or flight sense evolved from running to the door to grabbing the closest object in the house that could be used as a weapon. The reasoning? Just a young couple having some fun.

Our yearly “Lobster Day” tradition started on a whim when we decided to go out and buy live lobster for the first time. It was fun, a little scary, and lot more work than we had anticipated so we didn’t have it ready until very late into the night. It was also the first time either of us had ever tasted lobster... It was so delicious that we said “we should do this every year” and we have. There was nothing special about March 28th other than that’s when we started the tradition, but we’ve found that it’s the perfect time of year to have a mini celebration and at-home date night. It’s something to look forward to each year at the tail end of cold weather, the start of longer days, and the early signs of spring.

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Even the evolution in technology from a stop motion video on what I imagine was some shitty iPhone 4 to an iPhone 13 with a camera so crystal clear, you could see the pure terror in her eyes as that crustacean closed in, is pretty much a living time capsule of how much life has changed in a little less than a decade. Truly beautiful stuff that keeps (respectfully speaking) getting more beautiful like this guy's lovely wife. and I cannot wait to see the 10 year video in roughly 365 days as well as every other year of their lives to the point their grandkids watch Grandpa chase Grandma around the house with a lobster and a walker.

Now here is "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits because there's no way in hell I could mention this jam without adding the delightful music video at the end full of sports bloopers.

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