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Be Prepared To Say Goodbye To The Jalen Hurts Era In Philadelphia

HOWIE GONNA HOWIE. Death, taxes, and Howie Roseman doing dirty deeds to the NFL draft positioning. It happens every year and at least this time (like last year), it looks like a good one. The Eagles CLEARLY come out on top of this exchange in terms of acquiring more valuable picks but also spreading out those guaranteed contracts for the cap. 

HOWEVA - tell me you're drafting a QB in 2023 without telling me you're drafting a QB in 2023, Howie. It's honestly the perfect PR and organizational trade. Give the fan favorite, hard working leader Jalen Hurts another year to "Prove Himself", and if his lack of natural abilities fall short (Spoiler Alert: He ain't improving to that 99 Madden throwing power overnight) then the Eagles are in prime position to move on in style. They can use easily use the picks to move up and snag a franchise gunslinger in the extremely QB heavy draft. Don't hate that one bit. And that's not even mentioning the Saints are kinda in limbo right now with their new coach taking over and Jameis coming back off the knee injury. They can either be a full blown playoff team or that 1st rounder could be a Top 10, or even Top 5 pick. And for the record I'm not rooting against Hurts at all. In fact, I want him to be the Eagles QB for next 10+ years because he is genuinely that awesome of a dude. But the man has obvious limitations at the position. Nothing wrong with a little Howie Hedge just in case things don't work out. 

So right on, Howie. Right on, indeed. As for this year, EIC Coley Mick brought up a good point in a text exchange: The Eagles can look forward to the Eagles drafting 2 WR's in the first round instead of 3. Fair. Cruel, but fair. Nobody has ever consistently put themselves in the best possible positions to select the exact wrong people than Howie Roseman. Gotta respect it at this point. 

Now do the #18 pick for Metcalf tweet, Schefty. You won't. But only if JJAW is included. Do it. Please.