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Scientists Are Cooking Up A New Message To Send To The Aliens & Dear God I Hope They Don't Receive It

TMZ- If alien life is out there in this great, big universe, we're doing our best to reach it with a new message -- and this time, it's got some algebra attached. Just in case they're big on math.

NASA is partnering with some of the country's top scientific minds in hopes of broadcasting a new radio message via a high-tech telescope -- very similar to what we did in 1974 from a telescope in Puerto Rico (then called the "Arecibo").

Not to get all math-y on ya, but that message to the stars only included binary code, plus some images of our Solar System and DNA sequences. This time, we're calling it the Beacon in the Galaxy message -- and we're kicking things up a notch by transmitting math equations. There will be other graphical information communicating some basic principles and features of our world ... including cosmic landmarks that could help aliens find Earth in the Milky Way.

I am indifferent on this. I'm very, very, VERY indifferent on this. I'm on record saying I'm very much on team alien being that I believe they exist because it would just really be quite shocking if we were literally the only living species in this goddamn universe now wouldn't it? As far as my feeble brain is concerned the solar system is infinite and with infinity comes some wild shit from the beyond. Shoutout to Buzz Lightyear on that one. 

Now the question obviously remains is whatever may happen to be out there...are they cool? Are they down to hangout and chill or are they fucking bullies with advanced technology that can blow our entire planet to shreds within a minute after they arrive here traveling at lightspeed? Stephen Hawking seemed to be bearish on that theory as he did not want to bear whatsoever when it came to alien life.

Sounds neat, of course, especially if some E.T.s actually pick up our signal and respond -- but this sort of reaching out actually spurred a warning from the late, great Stephen Hawking ... who once said we should refrain from chatting, and to do more listening instead. The reason -- he said not all potential alien life might come in peace, and if they're able to receive what we send, they can presumably come down here and do major damage with way more advanced tech than we have.

And I think I kind've agree with Mr. Hawking? The idea of Aliens are sick and all, but that would DEFINITELY change if they were to come down here and open up a can of whoop ass on us. Not to mention if we confirmed they were real we'd be out on A LOT of cool pop culture shit. Great movies like Independence Day would be rendered insignificant. The Twilight Zone is out. X-Files is out. All the Alien stuff is out. That's a big blow on top of the possible intergalactic war. 

And is this really the first message we've sent out since 1974? That's horrifying. It feels like if we're doing these twice we might as well just have been doing it every year to pipe down on the suspense. Now I'm not sleeping tonight. My fingers are crossed that they absolutely DO NOT receive this message.