The Brett Favre Welfare Scandal is Back, This Time Involving An Ex-Governor Of Mississippi

Brett Favre is allegedly at it again.

Some months back, it was revealed that Favre ended up with over $1 million in misappropriated funds, money that was intended to go to the poorest residents in the country's poorest state as part of Mississippi's welfare program.

According to state audits, Favre had received payments totaling $1.1 million for public speaking appearances he never made.

A reminder:

Eventually, things quieted down, Favre promised to pay back the money and the story disappeared.

Now it's back. And this time we've got elected officials.

According to Mississippi Today, Favre and former Miss. Governor Phil Bryant were cooking up some things.

From the article:

So Favre allegedly thought he could make a ton of money by being an early investor in a new drug company that boasted it could solve concussions. But he needed money and a little help from his friends.

Enter the former governor.

Holy shit me and these assholes are putting this state on the map.

Apparently Favre then met with Bryant's welfare officials, who helped secure the $1.7 million investment. Only problem is it came from a program designed to help the poor. And the program had no oversight.

Two days after he left office, the governor accepted stock in the new company.

Once Favre's name leaked in the initial reports, it's reported by MS Today that the ex-governor cut ties with the company.

And don't go thinking Brett Favre was just sitting idly by, he had these things to say about the governor via text to an associate: “Don’t know if legal or not but we need cut him in,” Favre responded, followed three days later by another idea: “Also if legal I’ll give some of my shares to the Governor.”

So the report goes on and on and on, and it's spicy. I mean some real asshole stuff.

I'll let you read it if you want.

So there it is. The rich and powerful men of Mississippi doing asshole things. I'm ashamed. Truly ashamed.

I thought I was going home to become mayor of Starkville. Now I might have to be the whole damn governor.

Brett Favre. What a penis.