Harrison Ford Is Joining Jason Segel For A Comedy Series From The Ted Lasso Showrunner

In his first major TV series role, Harrison Ford has signed on to star opposite Jason Segel in Shrinking, Apple TV+’s 10-episode comedy series written and executive produced by Segel and Ted Lasso‘s co-creator/executive producer/showrunner Bill Lawrence and star/writer/producer Brett Goldstein.

The Warner Bros. Television-produced Shrinking follows a grieving therapist (Segel) who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people’s lives…including his own.

Ford, who is joining Shrinking after lengthy negotiations, will play Dr. Phil Rhodes, a down-to earth, sharp as a tack “blue collar shrink,” blunt but with an ever present twinkle. Phil is a pioneer in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy who has built a successful practice over the years that he shares with his two young proteges, Jimmy and Gaby. Fiercely independent, Phil has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which forces him out of his comfort zone as he grapples with intrusive friends, his estranged family and his legacy.

Here are a few things I know. 

1. Harrison Ford rocks. He has played not just one of the coolest characters in movie history,  but multiple. The best part about it is that it's not even really an act. He is genuinely just cool as shit. All he does is make money, crash airplanes and actively not care about shithead star wars fans. This clip is a fantastic example. 

2. Ted Lasso is amazing. Those of you that watched the series know how unique it is in it's blending of humor and feel-goodness. I don't think this series would take the same cues out of fear of being stale, but I am definitly looking forward to how the humor plays out. AppleTV+ had a rocky ass start, but they have been ramping it up big time in recent years. 

3. Jason Segel is in the middle of a great comeback after spotty work over the last 10 years. He recently crushed it in the Netflix movie 'Windfall' and is currently one of the better parts of HBO's 'Winning Time'. He seems 

I'm interested in seeing how this plays out, especially after their last attempt at a shrink-based series, 'The Shrink Next Door' kinda flopped. I have faith in the Ted Lasso fellas, though, especially the CGI man himself Brett Goldstein. 

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