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'Kansas Is Going To Kick The Shit Out Of North Carolina' - Charles Barkley, Hopping On Stage At JamFest And Making His Title Guarantee

Now this is how you make a guarantee. None of this beating around the bush talking about how UNC could get hot from three, Leaky Black's defense or the rise of guys like Brady Manek. Nope. You get the mic and scream to the crowd that Kansas is going to kick the shit out of North Carolina. This is why it's impossible to hate Chuck. He says exactly how he feels and doesn't give a damn about the fall out. It's not the first Kansas guarantee he made: 

Safe to say he's a fan of Kansas -4. Also safe to say he just wants Kenny Smith to be miserable and will be openly cheering against him with the camera on him. That's really what it's about. Kenny and Chuck are obviously friends and close. There are two ways to go about this when your friend has a team playing for a title. You rally with them and hope for good things. Or you don't give a damn and openly cheer against them, hoping for misery. That's being a true friend. 

And hey, I get why Chuck likes Kansas here. They've looked like the best team in the country since the start of the Big 12 Tournament. They went through what was the best conference in America and then came out of their region with Creighton and Providence playing them close. You have two damn good guards in Remy Martin and DeJuan Harris who give you different sort of advantages pending who is in the game. You have a star in Agbaji. You have the perfect complimentary players in Jalen Wilson and Christian Braun. You have a big that can win you a game in David McCormack. You have decent depth. 

So there it is. Take it as you will but Chuck has made his guarantee. Kansas is going to kick the shit out of UNC.