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Credit Where Credit Is Due: Kim Kardashian Rounded Up The Avengers Of SI Swimsuit Cover Girls For Her New Skims Ad Campaign

I dunno what the hell skims is other than that Kim Kardashian owns it. I think it's like the male version of spankx but for women? And I'm pretty sure they're made by children competing for pretty competitive wages in the Chinese labor markets but that's a blog for a different day.

Let's get down to business here.

This picture is how you put asses in seats.

OG Barstool readers know the name Candice Swanepoel all too well. This site was basically a shrine to her back in the day.

I honestly forgot about her until now, but looks like she's still got her fastball.

Then there's Tyra Banks who looks like old-school, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover Tyra Banks, more than Dancing With The Stars version Tyra.

Back in the day Fresh Prince and Victoria's Secret catalog days, I don't know if there was anybody in her league.

Then we've got the artist formerly known as Mrs. Rony Seikaly, Alessandra Ambrossio-

The fact RONY SEIKALY divorced HER is bonkers. 

And rounding out the Avengers is the one and only Heidi Klum.

This woman is somehow 48 years old.

What a blast from the past. The good old days indeed. 

p.s. - good call @86metsmyheros