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Insane Video Of An All Out Brawl At The McDonalds In Dorchester

Listen, there are no excuses. I'm tired of this shit. We, as a society, can no longer live this way. I am of course talking about the only thing worth talking about here: how the fuck are you still this bad with a cameraphone? We've had video capabilities in the palms of our hands for well over a decade now, and judging by the clientele at this establishment the person wielding this iPhone has had this technology for at least half of their life. Absolutely preposterous that we aren't much better at this by now. Point and shoot, this isn't the fucking Blair Witch Project. You see your subject - in this case, the individual driving the red car that came bombing onto the scene - and you stay with it. This isn't the time for your artistic still shots of traffic. Work the zoom, get closer to the window, go outside if you have to, in the words of the late scholar William Madison, "Get off your ass and go find that fucking dog."