Selling a Stone Cold Stunner Looks Like The Most Fun Thing A Human Can Do


Over the weekend WWE had one hell of a Wrestlemania. It's a shame they stink the other 51 weeks of the year because both Saturday and Sunday (two day event) were fantastic shows front to back. There were a lot of highlights and bright spots from the weekend, but nothing will be remembered more than Austin Theory selling a stone cold stunner like an absolute pro.



Absolutely perfect sell job we haven't seen the likes of since the Rock.


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Not to be outdone, a former NFL player also found himself in the ring and his stunner sell was equally awesome



I'm fairly certain they had to clean beer off the roof of Cowboys Stadium after that. Just an unbelievable sell, modeled of course after Shane O'Mac's 


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Needless to say, perfectly selling a stunner looks to be about the most fun a wrestler can have, maybe just anyone at all. 

Or you can be Vince McMahon and completely forget that you are taking a stunner. Old man wanted none of it.



It's not the easiest move to sell but when they pull it off it's perfect.



Overall a very impressive Wrestlemania. If you have Peacock I implore you to at least watch the Johnny Knoxville match. He took the idea of a "comedy match" and included Jackass-style props and gags (and Wee Man!) and it was just delightful.