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Music Wars: Moments After UNC Beat Duke Travis Tritt Decided To Hop On Twitter And Go Full Hardo Mode On Eric Church

I find this absolutely hilarious. Travis Tritt waited until after the Duke/UNC game at 1 in the morning and fired off this tweet. He could have done it at any point. But he decided to wait until he would get the most exposure. I even love that he went full hardo too. Oh you missed weddings and funerals? That's how much Travis Tritt loves his fans. He would never call off work for anything let alone those silly sports. 

What makes it even funnier for me? Eric Church tweeted this out from the concert the day before he left for New Orleans. 

Out here setting attendance records the day before he dips out on San Antonio. I said it before and I'll say it again. If you ever called off work to do something you're not allowed to complain. Plus 99.9% of people complaining don't actually give a shit, they just want something to complain about because that's the world we live in. Eric Church went to the last ever UNC game vs Coach K. Good. The man loves sports, I have no problem with that. 

But back to Travis Tritt - who is good! The tweets are just the best. 

I need Tritt to be stuck in a situation so bad now. But it even brings me to the more annoying part. People talking about how 'this generation' doesn't get it. The passing of generation to generation is always the dumbest thing in the world. But either way, Travis Tritt doesn't care if you die. He's going to put on a show. Hope Eric Church plays this at his next concert.