If A Lion Ever Barks At Me I Will Simply Be Sprinting The Opposite Direction

When I pulled up this video the absolute LAST thing I was expecting was this lion to...bark? Like a dog?! Like my rottweiler does whenever she sees the opposing pitbull from across the street. What a plot twist that was. Obviously we've seen lions roar thousands of times over, but never the bark. I've been enjoying God's green Earth for 25 years now and not once have I ever heard of the possibility of a lion barking! That's the beauty of Tik Tok, right? Learn something new every day. You can sit in class and learn about calculus and mitochondria but only on the Tok can you really learn about life.

And we're talking about the goddamn lion! One of the world's most popular wild animals if not the most popular. That's like knowing Spike Lee as a fantastic director but having absolutely no idea he has courtside Knicks tickets. What a friggen' world. I'm happy to inform you on this beautiful Monday that Lions can fucking BARK. 

And on another point...f we're being honest I 100% thought something 10x worse was going to go down based on all the suspense that was built up on there on top of the creator's brother doing electrical work. It's not like I was rooting for the lions to rip his head clean off his shoulders, but I was thinking this guy had to royally fuck up and the lion's cage was just going to slowly open as this man sat there like a sitting duck. Now THAT would've been some top notch entertainment (as long as Mr. Lion didn't tear him to shreds, this is a family show after all).