Hubert Davis Promises Armando Bacot Will Play Tonight Even If He Has To Trick Kansas And Just Stands On The Court

This right here is probably the biggest storyline or however you want to clarify it heading into tonight. Armando Bacot turned his ankle against Duke, before coming back in. Let me be more specific - before he had the best re-entry in a long time. 

If you lead anything off with fuck it, you're basically guaranteeing success. It always leads to the best sort of night when you get that text from a buddy and immediately think 'ah fuck it, why not.' In this case it was ending your rival's career and advancing to the title game. Basically the same thing. 

But here's the thing. UNC doesn't have a bench. Hubert Davis would play his starting 5 all 40 if he really could. They basically go 6, 7 deep. There's no other backup big. Against Duke the bench played - Puff Johnson (9 minutes), Dontrez Styles (3 minutes), Justin McKoy (1 minute). Obviously Kansas rotates its two bigs in McCormack and Lightfoot and we saw what happens when McCormack can get rolling. That's where Bacot is needed. He's the big body that UNC needs to throw at McCormack. Not even just that, he's one of the best rebounders in the country. Sure, Kansas can shoot the way they did against Nova and it won't matter, but Bacot is 8th in the country in defensive rebounding percentage. That's who you need out there to keep McCormack off the glass. 

Of course Bacot is going to play in this game. That said, I do love the idea of him being a complete decoy and just standing in the middle of the lane for 10 minutes until Bill Self puts two and two together. Big brain thinking by Hubert there.