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I've Hated Duke Since The Day I Was Born And Last Night Was Close To Perfect


I just needed to put this video on the blog. It's so good. I've watched it no less than 500 times today. 

I have been meaning to do this blog for a while and I'm so glad Duke lost last night so I can finally do it. I have hated Duke my entire life. Growing up, Maryland basketball in the ACC was everything to me. It was Maryland Hoops and the Caps 1a and 1b for me. I hated Jay Williams and JJ Redick and Greg Paulus and Jon Scheyer and every single one of those motherfuckers more than I hated anyone. Being a teenager in Maryland watching Dixon and Blake and Mouton and the boys win the national championship is one of my happiest sports memories. The Miracle Minute is one of the worst things I have ever seen with my eyes. When I went to Maryland I yelled unthinkable, terrible things at Duke and Coach K. Things nobody should say about anyone. And then Maryland left the ACC for the Big 10 and it just hasn't been the same since. Not just the program, but the intensity of the fans and students have waned dramatically. And I'm guilty of it too. Going from playing Duke and UNC to playing Rutgers and Minnesota? It sucks. It fucking sucks man. I hate it. Leaving the ACC is the dumbest thing Maryland ever did. I don't care about the extra TV money or whatever, because losing a top tier basketball program for a couple extra million dollars doesn't seem like a good trade off. Losing the Duke hatred and instead having to root against Nebraska is just weird. No it's not "just weird". IT FUCKING SUCKS. I HATE IT. I HATE IT SO MUCH.

But this March Madness I was reminded why I hated Duke with a burning, burning passion the majority of my life. Coach K being the worst. Idiots like Marty Mush walking around Marty Mush, actually. Props to him, he was so annoying he reminded me why I hate Duke so much. (I actually love Marty, just hate his Duke fandom). And then last night while drinking 1,000 High Noons responsibly, Duke and Coach K died in front of our eyes and it was glorious. I felt 13 year old me (shout out to still having a head of hair!) fist pumping from the past. It made everything worth it.

So in conclusion, fuck Duke, fuck Duke fans, fuck JJ Redick, and fuck this kid.