Today In "Baseball Gods Hate The White Sox" - Lance Lynn Tears Ligament In His Knee, Is Out Until June

I heard about this news this morning and was told 10 weeks. All things considered, this ain't the worst news in the world. Fucking sucks and Lynn was supposed to come in to the Barstool Chicago office next week to have a beard off with me, and I doubt that's happening now too.

All things considered though.... this ain't the end of the world. The Sox should murder the ball the year so they'll tread water just fine. Just need Gio, Cease, and Kopech to really step up. 

Why can't the White Sox have nice things? I mean the injuries the last two years are just fucking wild. Lu, Eloy, Yaz, Madrigal last year and now Crochet and Lynn. Wrap these guys in goddamn bubble wrap or something. 

Oh, and go trade for a pitcher. Like... right now. Mike Clevinger makes a ton of sense to me, not sayin' just sayin'....