White Sox Just Checked Backup Catcher Off On Their Offseason Checklist

Cool. Much needed. Zack Collins wasn't it. 

Oh yeah, and this guy got caught beating off in public. Ummmmm.... what????

Yup!  Completely forgot about that to be honest, but ya know what? I don't give a shit. Everyone does it. Me, you, everybody. Just can't do it in a goddamn parking lot of a Dollar Tree. It happened in Florida and I think that's probably par for the course for the inbreds that infest the northern part of that state, but yeah. Not a good look. That said I don't give a shit but I'll be making jokes at his expense until forever.

At a glance it looks like he's a plus defensive catcher, something Zack Collins ain't. Not even close in fact. But I don't care if McGuire completely stinks offensively. He just needs to catch, block, call and throw. That said, he has a career 104 wRC+ against RHP, so he's not completely inept at the dish. 

This checks the second to last box of the offseason to-do list. Now the Sox need to sure up the rotation. Manaea would have been a nice fit but the Sox clearly didn't want him, if we're judging based on what the Padres gave up for him, as the Sox could have easily topped that package. If that's the case, I'm fine with it. They placed a value on Manaea and didn't want to exceed it. Still 4-5 days to land someone else. Plenty of pitchers on the block. 

I cannot wait until Thursday. Cannot fucking wait. Let's ride.