DOWN GOES OPTIC! My Heart Is Crushed, But We Have An Electric Championship Sunday Lined Up

Soul crushing. That's the only way to explain yesterday. 

OpTic Texas losses 3-1 against the Florida Mutineers and finish Top 6 in Major II. Very disappointing Major on all ends for the Green Wall, especially coming into this Major truly on top of the world. But the boys will bounce back - there's no doubt in my mind. We have two Majors left and CoD Champs to redeem ourselves and make 2022 a kick ass CDL season.

I know the solution OpTic needs:

After the match, I caught up with Florida's Davpadie, who had an insane clutch play to help the Mutineers secure their first Map in the series:

Mutineers move on today to face LAG at 4:30pm EST.

In the OpTic series, I made a brief cameo appearance on the broadcast and tried to fire up the boys in green:

Merk: "Is that a ghillie suit?" 

Maven: "All I see is a floating head"

Prior to OpTic getting booted out of the Major, they had a ridiculous reverse sweep against the Los Angeles Thieves. My heart almost gave out.


FaZe vs Surge

FaZe vs Seattle Surge was an INSANE series with FaZe barely being able to sneak by after a round 11, Map 5 Search and Destroy win:

The storyline in this matchup is that Seattle Surge are playing out of their minds this entire Major by taking down the #1 team in OpTic Texas and coming inches away from sending Atlanta FaZe to the loser's bracket. Meanwhile, this entire time one of their star players 'Mack' was literally throwing up on the main stage.

After a short hiatus and returning to the main stage, Mack went 47/29 and was a melt machine for the Surge. It was easily one of the most heroic performances I've ever seen.

Breach vs Mutineers

Boston Breach beat Florida Mutineers 3-2 in another crazy matchup. To kick off the day, we had 3 separate matches all go to Map 5.

I also met a CoD GOAT yesterday…

Entering their first Championship Sunday, the Breach have the Gronks on their side - ya love to see it.

Championship Sunday

Today is the day it all matters for these four teams. Every team aside from FaZe would consider making it to Championship Sunday a major success. Breach face off against FaZe to kick us off - the winner of this matchup will be in the Grand Finals. After that we'll see LAG face off against the Florida Mutineers.

You can watch all the action on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel.