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Ryan Reynolds Got To See His First Wrexham Win In Person Since Becoming a Co-Owner And Was Promptly Serenaded By The Fans With His Own Song

Ryan Reynolds has to have a top 5 life in the entire world, if not number 1. This weekend he showed up to see his soccer team Wrexham on the pitch and witnessed his first ever win in person. When he first bought the team with Rob McElhenney I thought they'd just fund the team a bit and stay away. Treat it as a portfolio builder if you will. Nope, instead Reynolds frequently makes his way out to the UK to see the lads and supporting the community. In return his squad has turned into a bit of a wagon, having won 10 of their last 11 matches and now reaching the National League finals that'll be played at Wembley in late May.

The actor was actually brought to tears after the win

Must be so awesome to have Ryan Reynolds get that excited to hug you. I don't think anyone has ever been that happy to see me. 

I would like to think being rich and famous is a pretty good gig. Allows you to make a quick day trip across the Atlantic and be home in New York before midnight. 

"I got in at eight this morning, seven this morning, and I'll be home by eight, 10 tonight, to New York," said Reynolds in a video posted by BBC Sport Wales.

You also get to be married to Blake Lively

You could make a very, very good argument no one in the world has it better than Ryan Reynolds.