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The Streets of Shanghai Are Completely Empty As China Imposes "The Strictest Lockdown Of The Pandemic" On The Most Populous City In The World

I literally wrote this blog about Wuhan over two years ago

...and we are right back where we started, apparently. Or at least China is. 

The world seems ready to move on from Covid. Everyone that was screaming about mandates and restrictions are now focused on putting Ukrainian flags in their twitter profile. We have decided to put covid-19 in the rearview mirror for good and life is starting to feel more normal. At least that is how it appears to me. Not in China though. At least I think...who knows what is real and what is fake anymore. Impossible to sort it out, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting on the lockdowns

And it would appear that the people of Shanghai have had enough

Looks bad. I won't be going back to the old ways. No way. No how. Hopefully it is not actually as bad as the reporting and images suggest.