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No One Is Watching The Grammys Tonight

Grammy weekend in Sin City is turning out to be a real mess, according to several industry insiders.

“People are stressed and frazzled running up and down the strip. There are multiple conferences going on, a big poker event and getting luxury cars for artists has been a disaster,” one source told Page Six.

The 64th annual Grammy Awards was originally supposed to air on Jan. 31 from the Arena in Los Angeles.

The Recording Academy, however, was forced to reschedule and move it to MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I was wondering why the Grammys were so late this year, I forgot they were rescheduled. Inconveniently, to start tonight at the same time as my Sling Show "On The Other Line" (8pm EST, call ins around 8:15, 888-STOOL-22) but it looks like I don't have much reason to worry. Last week we were covering Award Shows as the Oscars were going down, and the Gossip Gods were looking out for me, considering they waited until AFTER my show for any of the real drama to go down. This week, we're talking about WORK and I know for a fact that 100% of the world tonight would rather bitch about an old or current boss and job, than watch The Grammys:

The move has caused the action-packed weekend to descend into chaos because “no one wants to go to that gross ass town,” a music flack, who is not attending, told us.

Even the outfits are upset to be there.

“Stylists are having meltdowns because there are no expert tailors like LA, and they have to lug couture gowns and tuxedos through smoky casinos that smell bad,” the first source said.

EVEN THE CLOTHES ARE UPSET!!!! Even. The. Clothes. Are. Upset. How could you possibly take part in viewing something on television that's basically TORTURE for the clothes being shown? Do you like watching ballgowns and tuxedos being tortured??

Amid music people problems — artists are also having to scale back their entourages due to limited credentials this year and there will be a serious shortage of big music label parties.

“The consensus is there’s not much going on and no one really wants to go to Vegas,” another industry insider told us.

Clive Davis even canceled his annual star-studded pre-Grammy bash “due to the logistical obstacles caused by the ongoing pandemic, including the unavailability of an appropriate venue,” he said earlier this year.

I mean holy shit. Why don't we just cancel them all together? Nobody wants to be there, nobody wants to do it, and Clive Davis cancelled his party. Why the fuck would anyone want to be a part of this after that? 

Thank god you all already have plans to watch my show tonight instead, On The Other Line, on Sling, at 8pm EST.