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Uhh WOW: Butler Is Officially Bringing Back Thad Matta As Its Head Coach

Uhh this is pretty big! Thad Matta was not the name people were expecting Butler to hire. He left Ohio State five years ago. He was always behind the scenes never really back in coaching until now. Sure he has a history with Butler, spent 3 years as an assistant and a year as its head coach. But still, this is a shocking hire. It’s also a hell of a hire. Thad Matta can coach his ass off. He’s been successful at every stop he’s had.

It’s also kind of hilarious (and smart) how schools are just bringing back successful coaches. It’s happened at some low-major jobs, Murray State, Xavier and now Butler. Hey I get it,  just weird to see it all happen this off-season.

As for Butler they need this. They’ve been bad for Butler standards for far too long. Decent year a few back but need trips and wins in the NCAA Tournament. The program is a good program. They obviously have history. They are in the Big East and can recruit that way. They have a good fan base. You just need to win them back and that’s what Thad can do.