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Coach K For One Last Glorious Time Tries To Cry To The Public That It's Not About Him ... BONUS: Sad Golf Cart Ride

Let me be very blunt here. This is about you, you dickhead. You made this a farewell tour. You made everything about you. There was a TEN MINUTE tribute video to you today. It wasn't for the players, it was for you. It's like I always say with him. He's an all-time great coach who is the biggest egotistical asshole, gigantic dickhead liar in the world. All things can be true. Just say it. You'll feel better. I promise. 

So it's only fitting that one last time when all people can talk about is 'the end of K's career' he tries to say it's not about him. Uhh yeah it is you cock. Or in the words of Marty - the ever so diehard Duke fan - you twat. Or you hair dying twat. You always made it about you. You made it about you to show up Virginia Tech players. You made it about you to show up Dillon Brooks. You made it about you to make Semi Ojeleye's mom cry. You made it about you to make Pete Gaudet take losses for you. You're making it about you now. 

That said, this is all worth it. 

The sad golf cart ride. The true sign of a loser.