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See ya! See ya! Cry Marty. Cry Hank. Cry Zack. Cry Rico. Cry every other loser from New York who screams about Duke basketball and Yankee baseball. The same people who say 'Final Four banners' don't matter just have to deal with the fact their lord and savior lost twice to UNC to end his career. No ACC title. No national title. No nothing. No dishes even. 

There's nothing Duke can say and that's what makes this beautiful. Coach K lost at home and gave a speech apologizing. He lost in the Final Four. The rivalry is dead. UNC owns it all. They got Duke's bigs in foul trouble and almost forced Duke to play its best lineup despite K not wanting to. Refused to go small until Theo John had 4 fouls in the first half. Mark Williams had four fouls with 10 to go. 

It's done. I'll miss K. He was a worthy enemy. He made Duke, Duke. No doubt there. But this is about something more. This is about the world coming together to hate Duke. We won't have that for a long time. Jon Scheyer is annoying, but he's not K. We won't see K again and I truly mean that. He's a historically great coach and a historically grade A asshole. That's what made it special. 

But they didn't win. Fuck you forever, K. Fuck you forever, Duke.