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A TEN MINUTE Coach K Tribute Video Is A Good Way To Make You Feel Nauseous

What the fuck are we doing here? A TEN minute video for Coach K is nauseating. He's had a year of people blowing him for retiring. Congrats man. Yeah we know you're a historically great coach. We also know you're an asshole. But it's not about you. It's about the kids. That's why we have a 10 minute tribute video for what might not even be his last game. Please be your last game. Please. 

Someone explain to me why he sits like this? That's a bizarre way for a grown man to sit. Also stop parading around his wife for this. I don't see Jay Wright and Mrs. Jay Wright walking around. Just ride your own golf cart man. Stop with this retirement tour and end it tonight please. 

I need to see Marty cry.