Jay Wright Comforting Justin Moore On The Bench As They Announced The Starting Lineups Is Beyond Heartbreaking

Absolutely heartbreaking man. I can't imagine a dude like Justin Moore who worked his ass off became a starter and one of the best players not just in Nova but in the Big East only to have a gruesome injury the week before the Final Four. It's changed the game for sure, you can see it in the first half. Nova needs Justin Moore. Not even just offensively, it's on both sides of the ball. He's so important to what they want to do and how they run the switch defense and 4-out 1-in or inverted or 5-out offense pending who is in. But this is what sucks. This isn't the NBA Finals where he might have another 10 years to get back. This is it. You get to the Final Four once in your career and it feels like a win. 

So here we are at halftime. Nova is just down eleven which feels like a win the way Kansas started offensively. But it's going to take a run. McCormack might get in foul trouble which is the key. However, Nova needs more threes similar to 2018 first half here. Either way a true some things.