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The Florida Panthers Are The Most Exciting Team In Sports And Just Completed A Comeback Win From 6-2 Down In The 3rd Period

It's a gloomy, wet, and cold Saturday afternoon here in Chicago. Perfect day to sit at home and watch sports. A day when the Final Four kicks off in New Orleans and the best game of the day just wrapped up. 

The Panthers were up North in NJ for a road matinee game where they came out a little sleepy and the Devils took a 6-2 lead into the 3rd period. The big problem...they gave the Panthers too much time. Goal, goal, goal, goal...ot forced, GWG for Forsling. A WILD half hour of actual clock time. 

This is the best team to watch maybe in all of sports. They have genuine stars. They have dudes that compete their fucking bag off every night. If you are a casual fan and have a chance to watch the Panthers on ESPN+/Hulu or you're super lucky to have them come through gotta go check them out. They play the game the way it should be played. It is simple, skilled, fast, hard, and mean. This is a perfect hockey team from a culture sense. I don't know if they're winning the Cup, but they should be winning hearts and minds across the country. Start paying attention. Start betting them and if they get down, just bet them live because I did it today down 5-2 and it cashed because they're a DOMINANT team.