Flyers Coach Mike Yeo Is Ending Keith Yandle's Ironman Streak Of 989 Consecutive Games Played By Making Him A Healthy Scratch Tonight

"It's hard to have a bad day in the NHL"--Keith Yandle

Tough break for Yands. On some level it's brutal to end a consecutive game streak by the choice of a coach/org as opposed to some little nick of an injury that almost everyone gets and that is why Yandle's streak is so remarkable. I understand that organizations who are struggling want to give their young guys experience and/or an audition at the end of the year. It also feels unnecessary for a bottom dwelling team to scratch the one veteran on the roster who actually has something to play for. 

That's sports though. Eventually we are all told, one way or another, that we can't play anymore. For some that happens at 12. Yandle got to play every day until he was 35 years old. That is incredible. 989 straight an 1099 total NHL games. In a game with zero soft surfaces and a grueling schedule, a streak like this just shouldn't exist and I don't see the point in waiting until the end of the season for him to decide when he wants it to end. 

Yandle handled that news and the press conference with absolute class. Good dude. Absolutely hilarious. Bright future ahead of him in media whenever he wants to. Still kinda pissed at him for the 2004-05 Cushing tournament, but hats off to him. Unreal career. I still think Mike Yeo is a BOZO and this decision proves it. Never forget