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Minnesota Rokkr Lost In Heart Breaking Fashion In Front Of One Of The Loudest Home Crowds I've Ever Heard

You can't script a more heart breaking matchup than Rokkr losing in round one of their own Home Major. After a tough qualifying session, they were given the #9 seed - thus starting in the loser's bracket. After OpTic got swept by Seattle Surge in a wild upset, it left Rokkr to face off against one of the best teams in competitive Call of Duty. Ridiculous unlucky, but that's gaming + the madness of Major events.

OpTic went on to win the series 3-1, but the true story was how deafening the crowd was. 

The Minnesota Rokkr are a relatively newer CDL team - they haven't been around in gaming forever like FaZe or OpTic Gaming. So for them to have so much brand loyalty and a crowd that could rival OpTic Texas is truly astounding.

This isn't the end for the Rokkr boys, I have full faith they could pick it back up and end the season on a high note - but right now, they can't seem to get the right mix and chemistry going.

Interview with Shotzzy and iLLeY


LAT came into the Major has the team most out of form - they couldn't get a series win to save their life and everything seemed to be falling apart after a great start to the season. After the first two maps, that looked the exact same way as they went down 0-2 against the Subliners. Then after a ridiculous clutch to win Map 3, they had the momentum on their side and took it right to NYSL and ultimately reverse swept NYSL against all odds.

After the Minnesota/OpTic series, LAG faced off against NYSL and pulled off a big time upset to beat NYSL and advance into tomorrow's action.

Spart - one of the best stories during this Major - gives his thoughts on the Volk meta and competing at Major II:

Today, we have 5 more matches and the chaos won't be stopping anytime soon.

Bonus MRags content that no one asked for: