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Chelsea Fans Are Already Protesting Tom Ricketts Before He Even Finished His Tea

"Fuck off, Tom Ricketts, you're not wanted here."

Congrats to Chelsea fans. They did their homework. They've been living a life of luxury these last 20 years or so. You want a striker? No problem, here is $1B for whatever you need to win a Champions League title. Money was no object as long as you had that sweet sweet Russian oil corruption money and you needed a soccer team in London to launder it. 

That won't be the case with Ricketts. If he wouldn't spend on Bryant, Rizzo, and Baez for the Cubs when he met his wife in the bleachers (remember that story? He was supposed to be a fan) then he won't be lifting a finger or doing anything for some far off team in London. Chelsea...welcome to having a budget. Their fans sniffed it out and that is why they're openly chanting fuck off Tom Ricketts. Warm welcome for the potential new boss.