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Motivation 101: Darius Rucker(Hootie) Is Teasing A Free Concert And Party If South Carolina Women's Basketball Wins The Title

This is how you do it. This is how you motivate not just a team, not just a school but really an entire state. You promise a party on the Horseshoe in Columbia and that'll draw eyes. But when it's Darius Rucker - sorry man, but you'll always be Hootie to me - you really add some motivation. Yeah, yeah the title is nice and all, but you're now bringing in the big guns for the party. People would show up for a regular party, but Darius brings it to a whole different level. 

I got family in Charleston, not too far away. South Carolina wins the women's title I'm walking into Columbia chanting SEC and looking for Hootie. Why? This simple reasoning. Well, two reasonings. One was they beat Louisville, I'll always celebrate a win over Louisville.

Second is I fucking love Hootie and the Blowfish and Darius Rucker. 

Hootie is simply my jam. I don't care what people think about 90s music or them as a band. I will listen to Hootie and the Blowfish, especially Cracked Rear View, until the day I die. That's how much I love them. I'm a simple man when it comes to music. If I like it, I listen to it. It's why the same bands tend to be in my rotation. Eric Church, Hootie, Bruce, Andrew McMahon, basically any early 2000s pop punk, any early-mid 2000s rap, Billy Joel and Chris Stapleton. 

So let's go Gamecocks. Get a title, beat either Stanford or UConn and let's get a Darius concert. That's motivation 101. 


And now for arguments sake, here are the 10 best Hootie songs:

1. Only Wanna Be With You
2. Hold My Hand
3. Running from an Angel
4. Tucker’s Town
5. Time
6. Let Her Cry
7. New Year's Day
8. Let It Breathe
9. Not Tonight
10. Old Man and Me