Max Scherzer Reportedly Is Dealing With A Tweaked Hamstring Because Why The Fuck Not?

Can all Mets fans please check to see if their pets heads are still attached to their bodies because we are rapidly approaching the phase where they start falling off since I don't think we are getting an April Fool's punchline coming anytime soon.

There were some rumors about Max Scherzer dealing with hamstring issues flying around before Jacob deGrom's MRI results came back but I didn't want to believe them simply because we had enough to worry about with the never-ending saga of Jacob deGrom's right arm. Then we got word that deGrom's scapula was barking, which almost completely ensured that the Scherzer rumors would be true.


Now I can read Mets beat reporter Jon Heyman's tweet like everyone else and would feel better about it if it was any other day. But the fact it came after we learned our sweet Jacob is out for a month feels like the beginning of the typical Mets injury cycle, which for the people that don't remember goes like this:

1. Player is day-to-day

2. Player will err on the side of caution and skip a start

3. Yada yada yada

4. Player is placed on 60 Day DL/IL/Whatever It's Called In 2022

The X-Factor in all this is that Max Scherzer was already the craziest motherfucker in Major League Baseball even before he signed a massive contract with a new team and now has to pick up the weight for said new team's ace who is now out. Which is why I have no doubt Scherzer will pitch tomorrow, Opening Day, and every start that he can literally crawl for. Not run or walk but crawl. I watched this video enough times to know that.

I also fully expect Scherzer's hamstring to explode, another part of his body to get hurt for overcompenstating for the hammy, and/or for his entire human to be raptured at some point because that's just what happens to the Mets after they get nice things. I've been down bad plenty of times as a Mets fan but not so quickly after being so high beforehand. Fuck the Baseball Gods and their fake ass Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

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