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Good News Friday Dump: Engineers Have Come Up With A Solar Panel That Makes Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

I feel like the news is just perpetual doom and gloom. You turn on CNN and everything is racist. You turn on Fox News and everything is about transexual Mexicans stealing jobs and giving them to the Chinese. Quite frankly, I am tired of it and the only time I feel like things are actually terrible in my day to day life is when I am at the gas station or if I look in the mirror before I sucked my gut in. 

So Fridays here are officially for cool/good news stories. A little morale boost about the state of the planet before we head into the weekend. If you find stories that fit this perameter please DM or email them to me. 

This technology is so cool. Self sufficient, high output, seemingly low environmental side effects. Bill Gates and Blackrock are involved which makes me a little suspicious, BUT getting clean drinking water to people who need it or simply not overtaxing the existing water supply seems like a great thing to me. Eddie and I did a podcast on this earlier this week so if you want more details click the video below.