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Oakland Announced That Former Substitute Teacher, Valet Parker, Home Depot Worker, Bartender, And 20th Round Pick, Adam Oller Has Made The A's Opening Day Roster.

These are the stories that you love to hear. Guys who have worked their asses off for years and years and years finally getting rewarded. Guys who have contemplated retiring and walking away from the game they love but continuing to drag themselves back to the mound. Stories like Adam Oller's are the things they make movies out of. Oller came to Oakland from the Mets in the Chris Bassitt trade and found out on Friday that he had made the Athletics' opening day roster. When you see the path he has taken to get here you'll understand why he was so emotional when he was told. 

20th round pick of the Pirates back in 2016, 615th overall. Ended up getting released by Pittsburgh, signed by the Giants, almost quit playing baseball all together, ended up playing in the Frontier League, ended up going to play overseas in Australia, and eventually ended up with the Mets via the minor league rule-5 draft before being traded to Oakland. In addition to playing minor league ball he also needed to find some other source of income so he found work in the offseason. Those jobs include being a substitute teacher, valet, worked at Home Depot, bartender. None of those are glamorous high paying jobs, not much shine there. But he kept grinding, ended up being the Mets Minor League Pitcher Of The Year, getting moved in a big trade, and now has made the team for the A's. 

It really is a great story, you love seeing people who work hard get rewarded like this. You can tell how jacked up he was by his tweets and rightfully so. Even if it's just for a game, a quick appearance, a cup of coffee, he still achieved his goal of becoming a major leaguer and that is awesome. How can you not love stories like this? Oller will for sure have a ton of people rooting for him when he makes his debut just because of how awesome his story is.