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All Anybody Wants To Talk About Are These Baby Blue Illinois Baseball Uniforms

Alexa enhance

Simply incredible. Equally astonishing. Literally the only thing people are talking about right now is whether these are the first hard 10.0 in rating history. Can it get better? Is there fresher powder this side of the Rocky Mountains? The sensation in your pants right now is the blood flowing to your crotch to construct the worlds stiffest boner. That’s basically the average review when it comes to the new uniforms. Honestly and sincerely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and that includes my 92mph power sinker.

Bigger picture there’s some massive blowhards trying to say these suck. Guys from Ole Miss that can’t spell their middle name. Trash from St. Louis that thinks they invented the color. Kids from UIC that suffer from little brother syndrome. Basically everyone stupid and their mother has shit to say about these uniforms and they’re all wrong. The baby blues are awesome and I don’t care if we miss Omaha once again. I’ve been to Omaha and I swear every team would sacrifice that trip tomorrow if it meant 9 innings in these baby blues. That’s how much they move the needle.

Also extra relevant when we get to Mondays snake draft. I will reveal no secrets other than to say Baby Blue is on full display. DM Eddie for more details but for now I will say no more.

Final score: 9.9 baby blues. Anything less is uncivilized. More this week on our YouTube page